How to Draw Darth Vader

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Darth Vader is the only known main enemy character in the Star Wars series. When I say Star Wars, a kid would say “Luke… I am your father.” I would be like “No, the series isn’t just all Darth Vader awesomeness.” In fact, it truly isn’t all about him. Darth Vader dies and now it’s time to move on from the “Luke… I am your father” thing. It’s getting really old. We’re now moving on different enemies and characters. Instead of Storm Troopers, there’s Battle Drones or Battle Droids. Some people call them Droids or Drones.

Let’s escape from the psychiatry for a moment and let’s move on with drawing Darth Vader. Drawing Darth Vader requires some advanced skill. I start with the helmet first and then the body. The real rule is start with the big details first and then the small, but I find the small then big easier. So now that said, I’m going to share a video that I found on YouTube called “How to Draw Darth Vader.” Done and thank you for your attention.

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