How to Draw Yoda

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Drawing Yoda is easier than your thinking right now at this moment. Yoda is so small, but when it comes to advanced art like shading, Yoda is no longer easy to draw… you must have the force within you to draw Yoda. Use the force of your pencil and draw Yoda, and then slap on some shading. You just drawn the perfect Yoda ever created. You also got to remember that drawing Yoda is like drawing those gremlin guys.

Enough with funny talk and more with learning how to use your lightsaber to draw Yoda. What I first do when drawing Yoda is, starting off with an oval for his head. Yoda’s head is squished looking, so I start with an oval. So then I draw the rest of what I see on Yoda; robe, arms, and cane.

Now you know some pointers, let’s watch a video on how to draw Yoda. It really teaches you how to draw Yoda. It has awesome tips and has this guy drawing it from YouTube. I really hope you enjoy the video, and really wish you’ll enjoy the rest of the drawing tutorials after learning this one. Other than that, enjoy the video. Thank you!

Also, I have found a great drawing tutorial on Yoda, that is found on DragoArt. You can view the full tutorial here if you like: drawing yoda. Enjoy the lesson!

How to Draw Yoda

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